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We are capable of providing Natural Stone Honing, Polishing,  and Cleaning & Sealing.

Just like ceramic tile, natural stone is one of the most abused and overlooked floor and wall surfaces in the home or business, simply because of the care needed in order to clean it.  An etch mark in a polished marble or travertine floor can be a constant reminder that cleaning with a solution of vinegar and water is not a viable cleaning method.

We can handle this task for you, whether you have natural stone in your kitchen, bathroom, or some other area of your home or office, those stubborn stains and etch marks don’t stand a chance against our powerful, state-of-the-art technological solutions. Your natural stone will look very much like it did the day it was installed!

We are dedicated to helping you keep your home healthy, clean, and always looking its best. The solution to difficult natural stone honing, polishing, cleaning & sealing is just a phone call away.

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